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1. What is the maximum amount of children allowed at a party?
We recommend 20 or less party guests for a Farmhouse in the City party. Each of our party packages includes 10 children. There is a $15 charge for each additional child. Each child that attends a party that is actively participating in our playrooms, face painting, outdoor or indoor animal visits, and candy hunt is counted towards our cost, regardless if they paint or not. Please keep in mind that our business caters to small children, and the services we provide for parties determine our cost factor when planning for parties. Obviously, if an infant is in a stroller or carrier, and not participating in our parties, they will not be charged as a guest.
* Please refer to our POLICY page for different scenarios and cost increments regarding the number of children, large servings of food and alcohol.
2. Is outside food allowed?
Because we want our birthday children and their guests to fully enjoy each activity, we ask that food is limited to pizza, chicken nuggets OR small snacks (i.e. pretzels, goldfish, fruit) AND cake or cupcakes. If you are planning to serve more than pizza, or food from more than 1-2 platters, more time will need to be added to your party. Please refer to our POLICY page for different scenarios and cost increments.

We do not provide any food, nor do we order the pizza. It is your responsibility to set up the pizza delivery and purchase. It is recommend that you have your pizza delivered 45 minutes before the end of you party. Here are a few pizza restaurants in our area:

Pizza Hut: 770.642.6600
Papa Johns: 678.461.4633
Little Caesars: 770.594.0904

We do offer cakes, cupcakes and cookies as ADD-ONS to your party. Please check our ADD-ONS page for pricing. Size, flavors, theme, quantity does not have to be decided until 1 week before your party. You will receive an email 1 week before your party to finalize all of your party details and add-ons.
* Please refer to our POLICY page for different scenarios and cost increments regarding the number of children, large servings of food and alcohol.
3. What do I need to bring?
Our goal is to provide you with an all inclusive stress free party. All you need to bring is the cake and the drinks. We recommend only juice boxes or water for kids and if you are bringing ice cream, please only bring party cups. No gallon containers of ice cream are allowed.

Your party package includes a themed centerpiece, plates and napkins for your cake or cupcakes. You can also purchase additional add-on themed party supplies such as garland, cupcake toppers, cake etc. You can view our party THEMES here. We only provide the THEMES listed. If you want another theme, you are responsible for your plates, napkins and decor. We do not pro-rate the party price if you decide to bring in your own themed package.

In addition, if you are bringing in more decorations outside of balloons, you will need to book additional time to your party. Due to time slots of our parties, we simply do not have time for additional party decoration set up. Again, our goal is to provide you with an all inclusive stress free party. Any add- ons on your end will require additional time and money.

At the end of the day, we can promise you that your child and their friends will not miss any additional cute Pinterest party decorations. Our themed party packages and the overall general atmosphere at Farmhouse in the City makes for an adorable and unique party for your child.
4. Do I need to bring goodie bags?
Your guests will take home their pottery or painting from the party. The Art and Animal Party includes a candy bag from the candy hunt. If you want to add to this with a personal good bag, its is your choice, but not necessary.
5. Can boys have parties at the Farmhouse?
Actually, most of our parties include boys. We have a dress up room tailored towards boys including pirates, Star Wars characters, super heros, firemen, and cowboy costumes. The boys have a great time as well!
6. Can parents stay?
Parents can stay. We ask that the party host help keep the parents in rooms other than the ones we are entertaining the kids. Most parents simply want to socialize and it can be distracting for the kids.
7. How early can we arrive?
In order to make everyone's party memorable, Farmhouse in the City's doors will remained locked until 15 minutes before your party starts. We have an allotted amount of time in-between parties which allows us to clean up and set up before our next party starts. We have found earlier arrivals from our next parties disrupt our process and doesn't allow us to properly clean.
8. How do I book a party?
When you are ready to book your party, go to our BOOK ONLINE link and submit your information. We accept all major credit cards for your deposit. The remaining balance is due on the day of your party.
9. What if I need to cancel my reserved party time?
Birthday party slots are limited at Farmhouse in the City to allow for only one party celebrating at a time, so that we may provide exceptional service and complete focus on our birthday children. We understand that circumstances change and unforeseen events may cause plans to change. The initial deposit of $100 is non- refundable; however, if you need change the date of your party, we will be happy to apply that initial deposit if it is made 14 days prior to the party.